Monday, November 13, 2017


DATE: __________________

NAME: __________________________   _________________________
          (first)                                         (last)
BILLING ADDRESS: ___________________________________
PHONE: ________________________________

EMAIL:  ________________________________

PLEASE SELECT:   *Please note early bird rates must be received by 15 Dec 2017
CSA Full Share $550.00 ______
CSA Individual Share $300.00   ______Individual shares may not split with another family.
Total Enclosed:                        $_______
Check Number                         # _______

By purchasing a share in the Mendies Farm CSA program, I have accepted the terms of this membership agreement.
Members of summer  CSA will receive a share every week (Friday), consisting of a variety of produce (shares will vary in size and weight depending on elements and the season). CSA farmers purposely plan for contingencies; we use growing techniques that protect the harvest to minimize the risk and optimize the rewards. On the whole members will get a wide variety of vegetables. The spirit of a CSA subscription is for the subscriber to buy a share of our farm's products for a particular season. This means that you as the shareholder will share with the farmer in both the bounty and the risks associated with farming. I understand this principle and agree that there is no guarantee on the exact amount or type of produce I will receive in my share.

I commit to picking up my share(s) every week, and I understand that if I, or someone I designate, is unable to pick up my share(s), they cannot get saved. I also understand I must notify you at least 3 days prior if I am designating someone to pick up my share.
I understand I will be notified of any updates to policies and procedures via email or phone contact.

Signature/date: _________________________________________ /_______________________

Make checks payable to:  "Mendies Farm".

*Mail check and CSA sign up form to:
The CSA at Mendies Farm, PO BOX 67, Roosevelt NJ 08555
NOTE: We will notify you via email or phone once your application has been accepted.

PHONE: 609-820-8809
Facebook:  MendiesFarmLLC
Address:  65 N Rochdale Ave
Roosevelt, NJ 08555

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