Wednesday, April 10, 2019

This Weeks Harvest

  April 12, 2019

1.  Great Lakes Lettuce

2.  Collard Greens

3.  Hakurei Turnips

4.  Red Russian Kale

5.  Brite Lights Swiss Chard

6.  Baby Shanghi Boc Choi

7.  Red Romaine Lettuce

8.  Rutabaga Greens

9.  Baby Carrots

10.  Chinese Kale Microgreens

11.  Bloomsdale Spinach

12.  Cilantro (hydroponic)

  This is the 10th and final harvest for the Winter program.  We are aiming for a start date of  May 31, 2019 (weather permitting) for our Spring, Summer , Fall  C.S.A. program.  Members will be notified one week before we start. Its going to be our best year yet!  Thank you for your Community Supported Agriculture.

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