Sunday, September 3, 2017


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Winter CSA Full Share $600   ___
Winter CSA Individual Share $325___individual share can not split with another family
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By purchasing a share in the Mendies Farm CSA program, I have accepted the terms of this membership agreement.
Members of the Winter CSA will receive a full share or Individual  share every 2 weeks, consisting of a variety of produce (shares will vary in size and weight depending on elements and the season). CSA farmers purposely plan for contingencies; we use growing techniques that protect the harvest to minimize the risk and optimize the rewards. This Winter C.S.A. starts November 3 2017.  Pick ups are every other Friday.  Winter break starts after the December 15 pick up. We return Jan 12, 2018. The final pick up is March 23, 2018.
The spirit of a CSA subscription is for the subscriber to buy a share of our farm's products for a particular season. This means that you as the shareholder will share with the farmer in both the bounty and the risks associated with farming. I understand this principle and agree that there is no guarantee on the exact amount or type of produce I will receive in my share. 

I commit to picking up my share(s) every 2 weeks and I understand that if I, or someone I designate, is unable to pick up my share(s), they cannot get saved. I also understand I must notify you at least 3 days prior if I am designating someone to pick up my share. 
I understand I will be notified of any updates to policies and procedures via email or phone contact.

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Make checks payable to: "Mendies Farm".

*Mail check and CSA sign up form to: k
The CSA at Mendies Farm, PO BOX 67, Roosevelt NJ 08555

PHONE: 609-820-8809
Facebook:  MendiesFarmLLC
Address:  65 N Rochdale Ave
Roosevelt, NJ 08555