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Hours of Operation

Winter season, every other Friday (C.S.A. only)          

Phone: 609-820-8809

Email us: Lmendies1@gmail.com

Mailing Address: Mendies Farm, P O Box 67 Roosevelt NJ 08555
Street Address: 65 N Rochdale Ave, Roosevelt NJ 08555

The Mendies Farm is a small, sustainable, four season farm using all natural growing techniques. We practice diversified natural growing methods including aquaponic, hydroponic, and protective cultivation. Primarily, we focus on our organic soil cultivation using natural composts in order to build the quality foundation for our produce. Working with the biodiversity of the farm, we carefully monitor our crops from seed germination through cultivation, and harvesting. Establishing a personal relationship between the customer and farmer allows us to educate our members of our natural and sustainable processes. Additionally, through volunteering, members see firsthand how he do NOT use herbicides, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers on anything we grow at Mendies Farm!


In June 2011, Mendies Family Farm inaugurated its first season of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. In addition to the CSA, we have on premises a Farm Market here we sell our own produces as well as those from other farmers in the area.

The Mendies Family Farm in Roosevelt is a 30-acre farm along North Rochdale Avenue (Route 571) in Roosevelt Borough, in Monmouth county, New Jersey. The location of the farm used to be an eye sore, an abandoned and overgrown property under litigation for several years between a developer and the Borough.

We (Lawrence and Heidi Mendies and our children Lawrence Jr. and Niyasia) have turned the place into our nature’s paradise in a hidden corner of Monmouth County, NJ that is already blessed with incredible natural beauty.

While a lot of New Jersey farmers are packing up and selling off their land, we are determined to stay in farming. Ours is preserved farmland.  We grow fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers/plants. We have a commitment to the Borough of Roosevelt and to ourselves to help protect the environment. As for our part in preserving the history, environment and agriculture that our community holds so dear, we plan to stay here and farm here as long as God gives us breath. I love this place. It's a blessing.