What is a CSA?

"Community" is at the core of  Community Supported Agriculture.  Heidi and I (Lawrence) are committed to providing you high quality produce grown in a naturally sustainable manner, without chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  We have chosen to live on the farm, working long hours in favorable as well as adverse weather conditions, because we love what we do.  However, there are
risks in farming and the yields of certain crops may reflect those risks.  As a member of the CSA community, you share a part of those risks.  Nonetheless, you can rest assured that Heidi and I make every effort to give you the value for your membership
  • How does the CSA work?
    • Every week (every 2 weeks during Winter CSA), we offer a variety of vegetables. We lay out baskets of the week's vegetables.
      You are admitted to the area where vegetables are laid out, where you load your baskets or bags, subject to some limitations on quantity (Our board will list quantities for each produce)
      We rely on volunteers for some of the CSA tasks, such as Signing up members, Planning community-building events and educational sessions, harvesting as well as weeding
We’re in this together
  • How do I start?
    • Take membership by filling out our seasonal CSA applications within the periods designated.  We will post a date we begin accepting sign-ups for Summer and Winter season CSA. We limit the number of sign-ups, therefore we will also post a deadline
      Be assured that you will receive a basket of seasonal produce each week (or every 2 weeks in Winter season) throughout the farming season.
  • What are the benefits?
    • Buy local, Eat well, Be healthy and Protect the environment
    • Members get U-Pick privileges on seasonal produce, herbs and flowers
    • Get high-quality, fresh produce grown locally
    • Enjoy full flavor and no loss of vitamins and other nutrients
    • Groom kids to take a liking for fruits and vegetables, when they are young
    • Develop a relationship with the farmers - the Mendies family

Additional benefits

Support the bio-diversity of the farm and the diversity of agriculture
Create a sense of social responsibility and stewardship of local land
Connect the image of the farmer to the food. Understand how food is produced
Support the local farm economy and help sustain the environment
Encourage direct communication and cooperation between the farmer and the consumer

Mendies Family Farm strives to please you. We want you to come back year after year. We want to establish a cordial, mutually beneficial relationship with you. When crops are rare, we give our CSA members preference over our walk-in customers. When crops are plentiful, we give you a bigger share. We offer you what we produce.


Pick-up Privileges:
WINTER CSA:  Pick-up will be every 2 weeks on Fridays with a Saturday grace day.
SUMMER CSA:  Pick-up will be every week on Friday with Saturday grace day.

Only one pick up per member in a calendar week . Pick up not transferable to a future week.

No pickup on Sundays.

Note: You may have a designee pick up your share; but let us know in advance about your designee.  Designees will not have access to any U-Pick privileges.

If a particular crop is unavailable as a result of bad weather, we make every effort to substitute for
them in your basket, with other available crops. We are very thankful to our CSA community for your cooperation and understanding investment for the season in the CSA, through your weekly share and your experience as a member of the community.

Refunds : A refund may be given subject to the following conditions:

Full refund less $20 processing fee prior to opening day.

From opening day to end of second full week of the season, prorated refund less $20 processing fee

No refunds starting third week of the season.